After nearly four years of hard work (and hard procrastination), I'm thrilled to share my first ever photography book.

1000 Days in New York is a 162-page collection of cityscapes and street photography from my first 1000 days living in New York City. The book also includes an original humor essay, If You Can Make It Here about moving to New York and ordering a lot of delivery. I hope you enjoy it. Lots more details and some sample photos from the book are below.    


Photographs by Brian Eden

One thousand days. That’s how long it takes for New York to become home.

On the 1000th day, you experience New York as an entirely different person than you did on the first. You’ve paid broker’s fees. You have bodega loyalties. You’ve developed strong opinions about the pros and cons of specific subway lines and you’ve come to understand why everyone hates the L train.

Having completed every New York right of passage, you are completely transformed. From bright-eyed and bushy tailed to mildly annoyed and snobby about ramen.

When it comes to photographing New York, both fresh-eyes and familiar ones have their benefits. When everything is new, everything is remarkable and picture-worthy. Every hot dog cart. Every cab. Every cornice. The camera becomes a tool for taking in as much New York as possible. There are photos from the first year that I could walk past a hundred times today and not even notice.

But familiarity also has its benefits. Having taken all the obligatory postcard photos of New York, the challenge has become how to improve upon them. To find the new perspective, magical light, or fleeting moment. I’ve taken hundreds of pictures of the Bow Bridge in Central Park, but only one, somewhere around the 800th day, with a lone birdwatcher standing in the center, peering through binoculars.

This book is New York through my eyes so far. It represents my personal transformation, from day one on July 31st, 2012, through day one thousand on April 27th, 2105.

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have. 



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